Excited for the robot wars.

#Real steel.

#Real steel.

As a guy, how can i not be excited by the idea of giant robots battling it out in real life. Japanese electronics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry unveiled its Kurata robot at the Wonder Festival in Chiba, suburban Tokyo on July 29, 2012. U.S.-based robotics company Mega Bots issued the challenge late last month, as it put the finishing touches to its Mark 2 model, America’s first fully-functional, giant piloted robot.

Suidobashi CEO Kogoro Kurata responded, saying, “I’ll fight. Absolutely.” He stated that robots, popularly called mechas in Japan were a source of national pride and that they couldn’t turn down the challenge. Both the teams will get one year to get their robot’s ready for the fight.

At six tons and controlled by two pilots, the Mark 2 fires 3-pound paint cannonballs at speeds of over 100 miles per hour (160 kilometers an hour). While its rival the Kurata is a little lighter, weighing around 4.5 tons and features Gatling guns and a heads up display system. I”m honestly very excited and hope that this doesn’t get called off in the long run and becomes a new form of general entertainment.

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The rainbow treatment on Facebook.

Recently, i’m sure all of you have seen your friends giving their profile picture the rainbow treatment on Facebook, most of you might have even done it yourself, thinking that it’s cool. But what many people in Bhutan fail to realize is why Facebook has introduced this option to its users. Recently, gay marriage was legalized in all the states of America and to celebrate this the rainbow treatment was also introduced.

If you are not familiar with the gay pride flag, it is the a rainbow colored flag similar to the color that comes with the photo edit. The diverse colors represent the diversity of individuals in the gay community, and was made popular by San Francisco artist Gilbert Barker in 1978. it honestly makes me feel sad when i think about the fact that most individuals simply use this option of editing their photos without even realizing its true meaning. this also makes think about our country and how we still fail to accept our differences as human beings and even now,how people who are transgender or gay seem to be heavily discriminated upon.

Colours of the gay pride flag.

Color’s of the gay pride flag.

With time i hope that people will become more aware of the gay community and its plight and come to accept it. We are all born different yet we are the same, and to be born gay is not the individuals choice. It is truly a sign of ignorance if one simply shuns another for being different since it is our differences that make us unique as individuals on this wonderful planet.

”Being gay is not a western invention. It is human reality.” ~ Hillary Clinton.

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Are Bhutanese people just too nice or plain stupid.


Coming back from school.

I’m sure all of you had that one moment when someone asked you a really stupid question. Like when a friend from some other school asks you if you’re going to school when he can clearly see you wearing a gho or kira. There are also times when a friend asks you if you are studying when he can clearly see that you have a text book in-front of you and that you are reading.

I honestly feel very irritated when people ask me such questions and wonder whats wrong with them. i understand that making idle talk is something normal, but to point out the obvious is simply idiotic. i know this might be a habit or others might say that it is how we Bhutanese talk. well if that is the case, i think we should stop and look at how stupid we truly look, and instead of stating the obvious try to be nice and simply say hello or if you are really going to talk to the person, ask a question that really shows you care and genuinely want a conversation.

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K-pop in Bhutan.


These days, if you walk around Thimphu town, you will probably not go home without seeing someone wearing a shirt that says EXO. A popular Korean boy band which has gained much fame in Bhutan and other parts of the world. The history of how the Korean wave, as i would like to call it, came into Bhutan isn’t really a difficult thing to trace back. the whole Korean pop movement popularly known as K-pop has come into Bhutan mainly because of one show, Pop’s in Seoul. the late night talk show introduces the latest hits in Korea and even airs music videos.


it is clear why the youth are attracted to k-pop, most of the Korean groups if not all are composed of young teens who have looks that one could die for. But the music i believe is recycled, i say this because i have been exposed to some K-pop songs and all i can hear is the same type of song, the same theme and pretty much gives off the same feeling. But still that same recycled product doesn’t fail to bring out a sense of wonder and curiosity. Looking at the synchronized dance moves which make you wonder if these people are really human, makes you want to dance.

And yes, i’m also guilty of trying to dress up like them, like most of our youth who would deny this accusation. These days you see teenagers dancing to K-pop songs during school concerts and live events. Yet there are concerns from both parents and teachers who think that its pointless at best and that the youth are wasting their time which could be spent on things that are more productive like studying. make no mistake, it is true when these individuals say that you cant understand the lyrics and that most of it is quite shallow, but i feel that they forget the sole purpose of entertainment, which is to simply entertain.

One of my fears about the growing popularity of k-pop in Bhutan is whether it will lead to a lack of self esteem, i worry about this issue since you can only find beautiful boys and girls when it comes to K-pop groups. many of the youth try to copy how they look to the point where they wear very weird and inappropriate clothes, i honestly feel that most adults should look into this and try to build a sense of confidence in their children so that they can be happy with who they are.

Finally, do i think K-pop is good or bad? i personally feel that it allows most youth to discover what they can do and allows them to express a part of themselves through dancing and regrettably, wearing clothes that truly make a statement. Yes, some would state that K-pop in Bhutan is not really a good thing, but i think you have a right to your own thoughts, this is simply what i feel about the whole K-pop explosion. And if you like K-pop, don’t be ashamed to admit it.

”your life is your own, rise up and live it”- Terry Goodkind.

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